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  1.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    Canadian Academy of Sciences announces:
    The world's largest encyclopedia in Arabic, English and Latin!!!

    "Encyclopedia of Genetic Engineering"

    Written by Professor Dr / Mr. Jayh

    The encyclopedia of its volumes (@ 1500 pages) is the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia of genetic engineering and related science, not only in Egypt and the Arab world but in the whole world.

    This encyclopedia is indispensable for any researcher who was or schools of genetic engineering science at all levels regardless of the field of specialty, including the full spectrum of molecular biology in general and biology especially and the genetic engineering science in its different branches Including human medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Plant Medicine, as well as agricultural and industrial production, environmental science and general interested in the field of biotechnology, specifically genetic engineering to reach the concepts of this science As fast as possible and less effort!!

    Encyclopedia asks the Canadian Academy of Sciences..
    Those who book the encyclopedia can deliver its parts now - number limits, acquire it before they run out..
    One folder price only £ 275 (cost price) for the Egyptian market.
    31 U Abdul Moneim Riyad - Kafr Abdou - Alexandria
    Phone 01001372208
    (Note: The encyclopedia can be delivered to your place of residence anywhere in Egypt and can be pre-order any number of copies shipped to individuals or enterprises anywhere in the world)
    I swear to God the best
    With the greetings of the president of the academy

  2.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Medical Arrow

    "Medical Arrow is the first multilingual medical website worldwide, made by Medical Doctors to offer a new vision in Medical Care. We are here to advise you and to find the best medical care for any condition. Our Services Arranging initial online consultations with appropriate specialists Scheduling the needed facilities for treatment; Helping with guides and language translations Organizing transportation Accommodation Arranging post-treatment care; Arranging needed relaxation and rehabilitation in SPA facilities" . Find more information at

  3.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    JOURNAL “PEDIATRIA” NAMED AFTER G.N. SPERANSKY (the official short names of the Journal are “JOURNAL «PEDIATRIA»,” “PEDIATRIA,” and “«PEDIATRIA,» THE JOURNAL”) is the oldest Soviet-and-Russian (in the Russian Federation, the CIS and former Soviet Union) scientific and practical medical periodical assigned for pediatricians that is published continuously since May, 1922, and distributed worldwide. Our mission statement specifies that we aim to the ‘_raising the level of skills and education of pediatricians, organizers of children’s health protection services, medicine scientists, lecturers and students of medical institutes for higher education, universities and colleges worldwide with an emphasis on Russian-speaking audience and specific, topical problems of children’s healthcare in Russia, the CIS, Baltic States and former Soviet Union Countries and their determination with the use of the World’s best practices in pediatrics_.’ As part of this objective, the Editorial of the Journal «Pediatria» named after G.N. Speransky itself adopts a neutral position on issues treated within the Journal. The Journal serves to further academic discussions of topics, irrespective of their nature - whether religious, racial-, gender-based, environmental, ethical, political or other potentially or topically contentious subjects. The Journal is registered with the ISSN, - the international identifier for serials and other continuing resources, in the electronic and print world: ISSN 0031-403X (PRINT), and ISSN 1990-2182 (ONLINE). The Journal was founded by the Academician, Dr. _GEORGIY NESTOROVICH SPERANSKY_, in May, 1922. Now (since 1973) the Journal bears his honorary name.

  4.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    "Join the global medical portal MedProInfo This is the largest information platform for medical professionals. All our professional workers we have selected for years only to find the best of the best in their field. Give chance to professionals to learn about YOU. Backed by a professional MedProInfo team, you can inform health professionals about the events that you organize. Our professionally operational team will present you with access to all medical seminars and conferences in the world." Find more information at

  5.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    ResearchBib is a free academic database that indexes and provides open access to peer-reviewed journals, full text papers, research conferences & positions. We share a passion to build research communities to discover and promote great research resources from around the world and maximize researchers' academic social impacts. Please visist for more details. Find more information at

  6.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    World Conference Alerts

    World conference alerts, is basically an online platform where you can get the details about the conferences, seminars, workshops and other related events. These are the events where the best minds can share knowledge and their research outcomes and help the modern world to get the maximum utilization of knowledge. Find more information at Conference Alerts World wide conferences 2020

  7.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Medgate Today Magazine

    Since 2004, Medgadget has been reporting on medical technology from around the world. We cover the latest medical devices and approvals, technology breakthroughs and discoveries, conduct exclusive interviews with med tech leaders, and file reports from healthcare conferences. Find more information at Medical Technology News | Medgadget

  8.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Medvoyage Tourism & Education

    "For your comfort, we will introduce you the “MEDVOYAGE TOURISM & EDUCATION” company which organizes your safe stay in another country by resolving bureaucratic issues related to visa, accommodation in hotels and air tickets. And also, we can organize the event you want in any corner of the world. By registering on our portal you receive the privileges of members of the MedProInfo club. Ask what is the benefits (or plus )of this club? We will respond to you very concisely and clearly " Find more information at

  9.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    KindCongress lists scientific conferences from all over the world keeping professional conference organizers (PCO), speakers and attendees up to date with the latest conferences from a wide range of sciences. Conferences register to be seen by potential attendees and speakers. And speakers can register to get invited by conferences.

  10.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Canadian Academy of Sciences of the Canadian Education Agency Inc. Ontario, Canada

    Canadian Academy of Sciences of the Canadian Education Agency Inc. Ontario, Canada The Canadian agency of education is keen to make scholarships available to researchers, students and scientific programs under the patronage of the president of the academy, Professor Dr. Mohamed Mr. Good... Academic services: Specialized training and consulting Quality, reliability and calibration - health and food. Research, scientific studies, transfer of technology and support for research and scientific publishing. Study in Canada to achieve the target of international students at Canadian universities. University Partnerships and joint and accredited educational programs. Immigration Canada for the professional and student groups required by the Canadian Immigration Department. The Science and scientific innovation club of the 9 to 12 years. Cultural Forum for the publication of scientific and literary culture.

  11.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    " is a platform that is dedicated to all medical doctors and allied health professionals who are looking to keep their knowledge up to date by finding the right educational sessions and getting the latest news updates in their field of practice. Our platform is open for advertising all healthcare related meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences." Find more information at

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