Food Science, Technology & Health 2023

Reviews & Global Trends in Food Safety, Food Bioactives and Sustainability

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  1. SESSION: Food Science Technology
    Food Microbiology | Enzyme Technology
    Food Hygiene and Sanitation | Nutrition and Health
    Food Processing | Food Plant Layout & Design
    Laws and Quality Assurance | Unit Operations in Food Processing
    Food and Vegetable Processing Dairy | Plant Engineering
    Seafood and Dairy Technology | Applied Food Biotechnology
    Crop Processing Technology | Meat and Poultry Processing Technology
    Food Additives | Confectionary Technology
    Fermented Milk Products | Food Analysis
    Packaging Technology | Product Design & Development
  2. SESSION: Nutraceuticals | Nutrition and Health
    Dietary Supplements and Dietary Fibres
    Medical Food | Functional Foods
    Pharmaceuticals Vs Nutraceuticals
    Multivitamin Supplements
    Bioactive Nutraceuticals | Prebiotic and Probiotics
    Nutraceuticals in Health Care, Cancer Therapy, Cardiovascular health
    Nutraceuticals in Weight Management
    Restorative & Alternative Medicine
    Recent Trends in Nutraceuticals Research
    Veterinary Nutraceuticals | Marine Nutraceuticals
    Role of Functional Foods
    Nutraceuticals in Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Diabetes mellitus, Nutraceuticals Market-Growth Trends, Gastroenterology
  3. SESSION: Food Informatics
    Food Informatics and its Challenges and Opportunities
    Nutrition Informatics
    Intelligent Informatics: Nano-Agriculture
    Food Informatics : Food Production
    Food Informatics Food Consumption
    Food Informatics : Food Security
    Food Informatics: The End of Life of Food Products
  4. SESSION: Probiotics
    Probiotics for Disease Control
    Probiotic and Prebiotic Regulations
    Probiotics, Prebiotics & Symbiotics
    Probiotics Industries and Latest Advancements
  5. Probiotics Industries and Latest Advancements
  6. Brewing Industries and Latest trends
  7. Food and Quality Control
  8. Food Biotechnology
  9. SESSION: Food Packaging Inustry
    Recycling of food packaging
    Trends in food packaging
    Food safety and public health
    Food labeling regulations | Codex Alimentarius
    Dietary supplement | Edible packaging | Autocoding | Food and Bioprocess Technology
    Calabash | Food fortification
    Food grading | Food preservation
    Food rheology | Food safety
  10. Food Safety and Hygiene
  11. Food Waste and Management
  12. Food and Dairy Technology
    Food and Flavor Chemistry
    Dairy Microbiology
    Novel Trends in Nano Materials : Dairy Industry
  13. Food and Flavor Chemistry
  14. SESSION: Food and Agriculture
    Improvement Strategies for soil protection
    Restoration of Degraded Soils
    Strategies for maximum exploitation of finite land resources more sustainable
  15. SESSION : Food Processing Industries and Management
    Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Tertiary food processing
    Performance parameters for food processing
    Advances in aerobic systems for treatment of food processing wastewater
    Foods, Materials, Technologies and Risks
    Novel Food Processing Technologies
    Thermal Food Processing | High Pressure Processing
    Protein and Allergens | GMP Food Processing
    BSL-2 Food Processing | BSL-3 Biocontainment
  16. Holistic & Integrative Nutrition
  17. Nutrition and Food Sciences
  18. Functional Food and Bioactives
  19. Novel Applications and Challenges
  20. Gut Microbiology
    Alterations in Microbiota balance
    Ulcers, Bowel perforation
    Inflammatory bowel diseases | Irritable bowel syndrome
    Other inflammatory/ autoimmune conditions
    Asthma, diabetes mellitus type 1
  21. Fermented Foods for Health
  22. Clinical Studies and Research
  23. Market Developments and Challenges
  24. Food Science, Food Technology Industries and R&D
  25. Vitamins and Nutritional Studies: Associated Diseases, Malnutrition

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