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WEL 2023 Conference

21st Century Women's Entrepreneurship & Leadership Annual Conference

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  1.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    This book encourages you to take some time to reflect on blocks to success and achievementIt features mindful strategies to help overcome some of these blocks while shifting your focus to better clarity, higher goal achievement rates and an overall balanced way forward. You can enjoy life and go after the respective goals that get you to your Champagne Moments!

    Your shift starts now!

  2.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Reclaiming Your Courage https://www.reclaiming-your-courage

    Defending yourself requires much more than just the physical. It’s about aligning your mind, body, and voice so that you can stand in your power and become a stronger self-advocate. Raise your frequency so that your allies can find you.

    Take the self-defense readiness quiz to see where you’re at on your journey to reclaiming your courage!

    A coaching relationship with me is built on these foundations:


    How do you identify?

    What/who do you stand for?


    Rather than yelling at you and potentially triggering trauma. Let's create a safe space where we understand how this impacts your nervous system and blocks your mind body and voice from alignment.


    This isn't a dictatorship. I want to meet you where you are and support you in a way that feels good to you

  3.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Corine Wofford International, USA

    The Be the Difference Brigade is a worldwide movement lead by Corine Wofford of Corine Wofford International where Business Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs worldwide unite together to share their gifts, make more money, and create a meaningful difference in the world.

    The Be the Difference Brigade is built upon Corine’s Be the Difference Leadership Success Framework, a foundation that includes the skill set, training, and mindset that fosters high performance for Business Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs who want to make a profit and create a meaningful difference in the world.

    We are strategic business advisors with high performance training expertise in Be the Difference Leadership for Sales, Service, and Teams.

  4.  Canadian Academy of Sciences


    YOU:  The secret to the success of any personal brand is your personality, talents, skills, and experience combined into what's unique about you.
    YOUR IDEA:  People follow people who stand for something. Do you have a core concept you need expressed and translated for an audience?
    YOUR AUDIENCE: A brand connects to an audience. High quality, consistent, on-brand public presence attracts attention, clients and income.
    GET NOTICED: A distinctive personal brand quickly creates an impression on those who see it. If no one notices you, nothing happens and you can't make an impact.

    ATTRACT AUDIENCE :  Instead of chasing an audience, attract them easily with an appealing public presence. Save time and effort by being what an audience wants to see.
    Be Unforgettable: If you're unforgettable, you don't need to remind people so often that you exist. Invest your time, effort and money in your speciality instead.
    Gain Trust: A consistent personal brand creates trust making it easier for people to become customers and clients as they believe you can deliver the goods.
    Be Referrable: A strong personal brand is something people want to share with others. Having discovered how great you are, an audience will build itself through referrals and sharing.

  5.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    Since 2012, the Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF) has set the stage to empower and inspire Iranian American women of all ages and career paths through its nationally recognized annual Women’s Leadership Conferences. Thanks to the efforts of the community, the IAW Foundation has expanded its philanthropic efforts to include a variety of programs to benefit the community it is serving. IAWF’s programs include the Circle of Visionaries, the Circle of Caring, the Youth Leadership Conference, and the Mentorship to Internship program. The goal is to provide a platform for IAWF members to expand on their professional and personal growth. We encourage potential members of IAWF and our local chapters’ community members to join us on this journey.

  6.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    Agriledger, a blockchain focused entity, developed the aforementioned blockchain platform.

    Their objective is to guarantee that farmers get justifiable price for their crops, according to a news report by Spring Wise.

    Agriledger’s blockchain powered solution designates farmers registered in the platform with a digital ID number.

    The ID enables farmers to become firmly associated with the digital supply chain.

    Agriledger furthermore facilitates these Haitan farmers to tokenize their produce, paving way for better access to P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions.

    Agriledger’s blockchain offering have paved way for a better transparent process than the one which existed earlier in the zone.

    AgriLedger works with companies, governments, non-profits and other organizations to address challenges on a worldwide scale.

  7.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    SheStarts.Tech is an online platform (EdTech & Coaching Industry) that targets female-founders as well as Corporates & NGOs in Africa and the Middle East.

    Our goal is to increase the success rate of female founders and the growth rate for women in the workspace. We envision the MEA region to be gender-balanced in leadership & businesses, with women having the same opportunities and chances of success as their male counterparts. We believe that a balanced, diverse, and skilled workforce will prepare MEA to succeed in the digital future.

    Our mission is to advance African women by building their capacities in leadership and tech-entrepreneurship and providing a safe space for personal development.


    We envision An African continent in which women are professionally skilled, better represented in senior positions, and capable to become leaders in their own communities.

  8.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

     TechGirlz is a nonprofit program of Creating IT Futures, a 501(c)3 nonprofit of CompTIA, that inspires middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. TechGirlz is accomplishing its mission through the creation of free, fun, interactive “TechShopz” led by industry professionals, community leaders, and students. We share our free workshop curriculum with companies, organizations, schools and community groups so they can inspire girls around the world with technology.

    Our vision is to create a world where girls have a lifelong passion and confidence in their use of technology throughout their careers.

  9.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Compu Connect Education

    Compu-Connect Education is a Black Woman Owned Digital Transformation and Innovation company based in South Africa that helps businesses and organisations of all sizes globally with Digital Transformation, Robotic Processes Automation, Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, LMS & eLearning custom Development, Cyber Security Management, IT Hardware Infrastructure Supply, Networking Design and Cabling, Telephony Services and Skills development

    Compu-Connect education was founded by a Black Woman 13 years who dared to start her own company in the Tech industry in South Africa. Today Compu-Connect Education serves a clientele base in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Kenya in East Africa.

    Our vision is to be the largest Digital Transformation, IT Services Provider and Skills Development company in the market.

    We are a Grace driven and High value delivery digital transformation company. Everything that we do is underpinned by Excellence, Love for humanity, Honest, Integrity, Justice and Customer Satisfaction.


    • Digital transformation
    • Robotic process automation
    • Artificial intelligence chatbots
    • Cyber security
    • IT hardware and networking infrastructure
    • Skills & people development
    • Lms & e-learning development
    • Coding and robotics for schools (grade r-12)
    • Digital content for schools (ict integration in teaching grade r-12)
    • Cloud video conferencing platforms

  10.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    LifeWork Systems is a performance management company specializing in culture change since 2002. We expand human potential to maximize performance.  We are pioneer in applying behavioral sciences to corporations and institutions by implementing scalable, diverse and sustainable “Human System” platforms that have successfully created POWERFUL, responsibility-based behaving, with profound and mission-aligned outcomes.

  11.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Africa for Africa Women

    In 2020 Bea Hackulaestablished a women’s forum called Women of Africa Arise which saw women entrepreneurs from across Africa coming together to support one another through virtual engagements, this has grown to be a powerful network of women in business opening trade opportunities amongst themselves. In recognition of her transformational leadership Bea became the first recipient of the prestigious BWASA Business Women of the Year Award in Government Category in 2014 as HOD of Social Development Department in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and in 2019 alone, Bea was awarded the Women Super Achievers Award at the 26th World HRD Congress in India as a thought leader and a contributor of value on Women in Leadership, the Inspiring Woman Leadership Award at the Africa Economy Builders Forum in Abidjan, Cote’ D’Ivoire and Inspired Leader Award by Enspire Magazine in South Africa. She is the recipient of the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS - TOP 40 FEMALE LEADERS OF THE YEAR 2021 Bea is a Harvard alumnus and studied in various Universities in South Africa including the famous African Leaders University, Fort Hare. She is certified John Maxwell Coach and accredited European Foundation Quality Model (EFQM) Facilitator and Assessor, and an Independent training consultant to the National School of Government in South Africa, specializing in Executive Leadership Development program for both parliamentarians, political leadership and administration executives.

  12.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Vision Therapy Education International, Inc

    Vision Therapy Evaluation: How are your visual abilities affecting comfort, physical appearance, and performance at school, work, driving or athletics?

    Dyslexia & Vision Evaluation: We have a specific tailored program to make reading easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable.​

    Convergence Insufficiency: This can cause headaches, eye-strain, blurred or double vision  when reading and performing computer work. These may even be after a routine eye exam. 

    Ambylopia  (Lazy Eyes): Offering both patch and patch-free therapy for children and adults to improve acuity in the lazy eye(s)  & improve 3D vision and performance when both eyes are open. 

    Gifted Students: Working on hand and eye coordination.

    Adhd & Attention: Bringing more visual focus in a assumed problematic attention  disorder. 

    Strabismus (Crossed Eyes): We improve 3D vision for children & aldults - this helps vision for school, work, sports, and driving.   

    3D Vision: Treatment to make your life safer when  driving: Seeing road signs better during  night-time driving. Enhancing eyesite during sporting activities.
    Autism Spectrum: Creating a more stable visual world.
    Concussion or Stroke: Recovery treatment to visually re-establish life once none.

  13.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    ESMI is a non-governmental organization that seeks to provide solutions to socio-cultural women & girl child problems through Community projects and activities while leveraging innovative advocacy strategies.

    ESMI wants to spread her message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world.

    Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.

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