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Infectious Diseases 2023

A Global Debate on Infectious Diseases: R&D, Therapeutics and Management

Media partners/sponsors/exhibitors

  1.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa (FPICT)

    The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa (FPICT)

    The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa (FPICT) is part of the Florida Poison Information Network with 2 other centers located in Jacksonville and Miami. The FPICT has been saving lives and reducing healthcare costs since 1982. The center provides free, fast confidential medical advice 24/7 on the poison helpline 1-800-222-1222. Staffed by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who provide immediate assistance for poisoning emergencies and answer poison related questions. The toxicology experts provide assessment, triage, management and monitoring recommendations to facilitate timely diagnosis and shorten length of stay. The center also monitors poisoning trends and can provide area specific data upon request. Educational programs are also offered in the form of lectures, in-services, grand rounds, and toxicology rotations. The Florida Poison Information Center Tampa often sends timely alerts to all hospitals and pharmacies in the region to inform them about new poison hazards and emerging trends.

  2.  Canadian Academy of Sciences

    NIHUB is a global community platform dedicated to empowering nurses and technology experts to think creatively about alternative ways to solve healthcare problems using technology. NIHUB encourages idea and innovation development through supportive forums and virtual pitch fest. NIHUB provides information, education and insight, highlighting innovations and recognizing nursing innovators.

    Our aim is to provide global reach, visibility, community, education and resources to front-line nurses and technology experts to create need-driven, high-tech healthcare innovations.

  3.  Canadian Academy of Sciences
    Medical Arrow

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  4.  Canadian Academy of Sciences


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  5.  Canadian Academy of Sciences


    ResearchBib is a free academic database that indexes and provides open access to peer-reviewed journals, full text papers, research conferences & positions. We share a passion to build research communities to discover and promote great research resources from around the world and maximize researchers' academic social impacts. Please visist for more details. Find more information at