• 2nd Global Webinar on <br>Emerging Infectious Diseases

2nd Global Webinar on
Emerging Infectious Diseases

September 11, 12 2021
A Global Debate on Infectious Diseases: R&D, Therapeutics and Management

September 11-12 2021, Live Webinar Conference

2nd Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases


With the great success from our 2nd Annual Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases in association with "The Canadian Academy of Sciences (CAS) Education Agency Inc", which was held on September 11,12 2021, our planning commitee would like to invite Infectious Diseases Researchers, Scientists, Faculties, Healthcare Specialists, Infectious Disease Education Specialists,  Young Investigators, Students, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmaceutical Industries, Medical Instruments Manufacturing Companies and experts across the World to 2nd Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases  which is going to be held on September 11,12 2021. The Emerging Infectious Diseases conference mixes the discussion of emerging infectious disease topics, with time to enjoy the destination and socialize with colleagues and their families.

Previous Conference Testimonials !!

"Well organized with rapid response to communications.The Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases held on January 9, 2021 was well organized with rapid response to communications. The Webinar gave me opportunity to present my research to a global audience and I enjoyed the scientific interaction."

C. J. Wright,  PhD FRMS, Reader Bioprocess Engineering
Portfolio Director Medical Engineering
Head of Chemical and Biological Engineering Research Group
Biomaterials, Biofouling and Biofilms Engineering Laboratory (B3EL)
The Systems and Process Engineering Centre (SPEC)

College of Engineering | Y Coleg Peirianneg, Swansea University | Prifysgol Abertawe
Fabian Way | Ffordd Fabian, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea | Abertawe, Wales | Cymru, SA1 8EN
Director, ProColl Ltd,  UK and Membranology, UK


"Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases, was held on January 9, 2021. The conference was attended by scientists and specialists from many countries. The topic of the Сonference was about a dangerous disease like coronavirus and other Infectious Diseases. The conference was held in English. In the context of the pandemic, the Conference Organizer chose the only correct solution - the correspondence form of communication. A lot of reports in the form of Lectures-Presentations were listened to. This will help you choose new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat coronavirus. The Conference reports will be published in specialized journals."

Elena Germanovna Dmitrieva 
Clinical Pharmacist, 
Cand.Biol.Science’s for Clinical Pharmacology, Russia

"This Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Disease provided a platform to present scientific works at this crucial time of need when the contact meeting is very difficult. It was a great opportunity to present my short piece of work at this forum where great scientist and researcher around the globe were present. Similarly, I was delighted to hear and learn many new ideas and knowledge on infectious diseases including COVID-19. However due to internet connectivity issues, I couldn’t some grab some lectures.
Nevertheless, I am overwhelmed as the webinar was well timed and very informative. Therefore, I will be glad to join on the upcoming webinars in the future conducted by Excel Group''. 


Ragunath Sharma
Sr. Laboratory Officer.
Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Microbiology) 
Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital
Lecturer, Khesar Gyelpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan, Bhutan

" What a pleasure it was to attend the global webinar on emerging infectious diseases that was held on January 9, 2021.  Many specialists, researchers, scientists, and professors around the world were attended. I have not stopped talking about it with my Head and colleagues, as it was different and dealing with newly interesting infectious disease topics and all in all were useful, and helpful especially in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of novel Corona virus symptoms. I felt happy to share my presentation entitled “Measure to avoid remission of covid-19 infection” in this event, and hoping to share again in this precious networking". 

Dr. Marwa M. Elmaghrabi, Consultant in medical analysis 
Permanent researcher of stem cells and tissue culture labs
Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Egypt. 

"Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases, was held on January 9, 2021. The conference was attended by many professionals from different parts of the world. There were many interesting lectures, all presented in English. The themes of the presentations were all related to infectious disease (COVID-19, bacteria resistance, etc…)
The organization was excellent and they gave the opportunity of all presenters publishing their studies in open access journal without costs. I attest that all information that is related in this feedback is real."

Huang Wei Ling MD
Acupuncture and Pain Management Specialist 
Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, 
Franca, São Paulo, Brazil. 

The last week Webinar (Global webinar on emerging infectious diseases) was good and we had a great interction with people.  

We will stay in touch !
Dr. Sivakumar Gowder 
Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam 

The conference was well organized with world class speakers and delegates. The scientific program and Pannel discussions are executed very well.  I Would like to attend the future conferences organized by Excel Global Conferences and exhibitions in the upcoming years too. Congratulations to Excel Group for organizing such a pure scientific service oriented and non profitable event. All the best for your future events and Exhibitions. I would recommend my colleagues across the World to join the conferences organized by Excel Group.
All the Best !
Best Regards
Dr Yacob  Mathai,
Marma Health Centre, Kerala. India

Greetings from PGIMER, Chandigarh, India!

I was pleased to attend the Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases, which was held on January 9, 2021. I had the pleasure of interacting with many esteemed scientists from different countries. The lectures were thought-provoking and gave us all an interesting insight into the subject of infectious diseases, which is especially relevant in these current times, and also how this current pandemic is giving rise to an increase in the incidence of infectious diseases. Furthermore, I would like to appreciate the effort of the organizers in organizing this interactive and informative webinar.


Dr. Anuradha Chakraborti,
Professor & Head, Department of Experimental Medicine & Biotechnology,
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India


“LOPS 2021 was a phenomenally successful event wherein leading researchers across the globe presented ground-breaking research results in the fields of lasers, optics, photonics, and sensors. The event had excellent presentations throughout and I particularly enjoyed the active integration of young researchers and students throughout the conference. This was a great opportunity to see fundamental and applied research in a variety of disciplines and I and my students benefited immensely.  We are looking forward to LOPS 2022!”

William (Doc A) Arrasmith, PhD
Florida Institute of Technology, USA


It was a pleasure participating in the LOPS 2021 conference, and I’d like to thank Prof. Alfano and all organizers for the invitation and for putting together such a complex worldwide webinar. The speakers were outstanding, the presentations were excellent, and the broad range of optics and photonics topics covered was truly stimulating. Congratulations for a well-planned conference.

Sergio Fantini, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, USA
2004: Graduate Student Council's Awardee
2001: Outstanding Faculty Awardee

I would like to thank you first for this nice invitation at the conference LOPS 2021. The conference was very interesting, well organized and very inspiring for interaction and collaborations. I was impressed by the organization I found very efficient and flexible. The conference gave me the opportunity to present my research to a global audience creating an excellent synergy. Experience we have to do it again every year for sure! Looking forward to see you next year! 

Nicolas Javahiraly, Project manager, Expert, The Sagem Defense group, 
University of Strasbourg, France

Thank you Keerthi for your organisation.  Thank you very much indeed for inviting me to participate in LOPS21.  It has been most enjoyable and interesting, and I learnt a lot.

Professor Angela B Seddon  BSc (Hons),  MPhil,  PhD,  FSGT, FIMM,  FRSC,  CChem, FSPIE
Chair of Inorganic Materials. Head of Mid-Infrared Photonics Group, GGIEMR,AMRG,
Faculty of Engineering. University of Nottingham, UK, A:Coates Building, Dept. Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing.   Engineering, University Park, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 .  2RD, UK.


Thank you again for sharing and inviting us to LOPS! It has been a really eye opening experience, there was so much information on so many different topics; I also found professors Wang and Westbrook’s work fascinating, There were also plenty of great talks about different semiconductors and solar cells and even projects that use Br signals in different ways which was very interesting.  

Kattris Lee, City University of New York, USA

I hereby express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of the LOPS 2021. It's a great pleasure and honour to be able to hear from world class professors and scientists across the globe, and also to present my work on this platform. It is indeed a red-letter day for me. Thank you so much for the kind help and support from the LOPS-2021 and the Excel Global Conferences group. I wish there were more such conferences in the coming days.

Thanks a lot.
Nitu Borgohain (PhD), University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya


LOPS 2021 was the first conference which I attended after the pandemic. Everything from the first step to the last one was excellent and great. Invitation and notifications were carried out on time. Presentations were all in the frame of the topics of LOPS 2021. Presented data were mostly original and novel in the highest level of the current researches. LOPS 2021 was my best opportunity to introduce and share my research to audiences on a global scale and I am looking forward to joining this conference in 2022.    

Davoud Dorranian, Professor, Plasma Physics Research Center,
Science and Research Branch,  I. Azad University, Tehran, Iran


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2nd Global Webinar on Emerging Infectious Diseases is a Live Webinar Conference (Virtual Conference)